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DH Machine

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DH-U Curved Machine

DT Machine

BM EPB Segmental 

Slurry Pumps

Guidance Systems

Jacking Systems

Rasa Island

Thrust Reducer

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Treatment Systems

Beachwalk Project

Microtunneling, Inc. are exclusive agents in North and South America for Rasa 

MTBM, TBM, EPB, Slurry Shields, and Segment Shields.


Rasa's Pipe Jacking Machines Play an Active Roll 

in Pipeline Construction

Rasa Island

A Southern Island is the Root

Located at Lat, 24šN and Long. 131šE, about 408 km to the southeast of Okinawa Main Island, and having an area of a little over 1,146,000 m2, there is an island officially named Rasa Island, although it indicates Okinawa Island on the map. Before World War II, it was an important place for Japanese agriculture as it was the only domestic mine of phosphate ore, a raw material used as fertilizer, and had a population of 2,000. At present, it is an uninhabited island but is still holding a significant position as one of he base points to defend Japanese territorial waters 200 nautical miles offshore. The island, owned by Rasa Industries, has inherited a variety of romances and legends. The word "rasa" is of Latin origin meaning "flat", suggesting that Rasa Island was so named possibly by the discoverer because of its very flat landform. The company "Rasa" originates rightly from the name of this island, where the company started its business activities from the mining of phosphate ore.

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